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News - The Mayflower 400 years on....

Four hundred years ago, in 1620, the Mayflower brought about 100 Puritan refugees to North America. Escaping persecution and discrimination in England, the colonists were helped by Indigenous people to survive in this new and – to them – hostile land. To those who had lived there since time immemorial it was of course a plentiful environment which had long been shaped and safeguarded by its inhabitants to provide for future generations.

The Mayflower landing led to centuries of invasion, war and disease which killed tens of millions of Indigenous people. This genocide and discrimination still ripples throughout the continent.

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Article - We must defeat the US trade deal

By Nick Dearden

"The US trade deal is not really about importing more American products. It’s about importing the American economic and regulatory model. It is not about whether we trade with the US or not but whether we capitulate to a set of policies that enshrine the power of the market and big business. "

"...the deal is likely to reflect all that is wrong with our global trading system, a system which has played a key role in the creation of an unsustainable, anti‑social economy which has handed the major decisions over our lives to a super‑rich elite. The political crisis we are now living through is an inevitable product of this system. "

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'Stop the Toxic Trade Deal with Trump: Why a US/UK Trade Deal must be opposed’

Public online meeting by Reading Global Justice Now! 'Stop the Toxic Trade Deal with Trump: Why a US/UK Trade Deal must be opposed’

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News - Bahrain Civil Society Groups Reject Normalization Deal with Israel

Seventeen organizations have issued a joint statement to this effect, with signatories including the General Federation of Workers’ Trade Unions in Bahrain, the Bahraini Bar Association and the Bahrain Women’s Association.

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by Hamza Hamouchene

Since February 2019, the people of Algeria have waged an inspiring revolt against the country’s military regime. Millions took to the streets united in their rejection of the ruling system, demanding radical democratic change. The Hirak (‘movement’ in Arabic) succeeded in overthrowing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in early April 2019 after six weeks of protests.

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Educational Resources - ...are we nearly there?

This whole school resource builds on RISC's innovative methodology for measuring attitudinal change.

A framework is provided under a series of headings such as Teaching and learning, Staff development, School environment, etc, with a seven-point scoring system ranging from ‘inadequate’ to ‘outstanding’. This enables teachers to assess the school’s current delivery of global citizenship, and identify which areas to prioritise.

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World Shop Supplier - New Overseas Traders

We have a trio of handsome handwoven baskets from BAFTS member, New Overseas Traders. They aim through fair trade to provide much needed employment, particularly in rural areas. What would you keep in these baskets? (Fair trade throw blankets anyone?)

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Food4families are running 2 brand new outside courses this autumn, funded by New Directions College.

The first one 'Growing Healthy Conversations' starts next week.

Running for 1.5 hours over 10 weeks, you can practise your conversational English whilst learning gardening skills at our local community gardens.

For more information email sharon@risc.org.uk or ring RISC on 0118 9586692 Tuesday to Friday 10am to 2pm.

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Food4Families - Volunteers needed on Friday mornings 10am to 12 noon.

We’re looking for a couple of extra volunteers to help out at two of our beautiful community gardens. We’ll be working at two gardens in Whitley - The Food4families Training Base on Northumberland Avenue and Whitley GrowAllot on Meavy Gardens.

If you’re interested or would like to find out more please get in touch. No experience necessary.

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Book - Threads by Kate Evans

Graphic novelist Kate Evans travelled to the Calais Jungle to document life in the impromptu city near the French port town.

Kate Evans concentrates on her personal, hands-on experience of helping out in the camps at Calais and Dunkirk in January and February 2016 - on the volunteers' construction and distribution, on a great many asylum seekers she meets trapped there (often children without parents or other family), and on the French authorities' atrocities, particularly on March 1st 2016 when the police moved in en masse for what can only be described as a black-booted massacre.

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Support your independent bookshop however if you can't visit us in person, you can order books online using Hive and you can nominate The World Shop, as you local independent book store and Hive will give us a percentage of their book sale.



Film - International Resistance to Mining Film Festival

In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement, Indigenous activists and mining affected communities across the globe, London Mining Network presents the International Resistance to Mining Film Festival. This programme of highly acclaimed documentary films shines a light on the colonial legacy of international extractivism and the lives it affects. From Bouganville to South Africa, Australia to Colombia, these true stories remind us of the human cost of mining as well as the inspiring acts of resistance that it inspires. Registration is free, but please register for each individual film you would like to attend the streaming of. Streaming will take place on the Facebook Live platform.

Tickets available now. Films will be shown at 19:30 between 21 and 28 September 2020. For more info and to register your place, see the Eventbrite page or click the picture below.

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Music & Poetry - Afel Bocoum’s new album 'Lindé' is out now!

Produced by Damon Albarn & Nick Gold, and featuring Tony Allen, Joan As Police Woman, and more. Listen now:

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